Why I’m Starting a Company (After 5 Years)

Okay, so I’m about two blog posts in right now, I figured it would be good to explain a bit about who I am, who Permissionless Ltd are, why I’m writing about Bitcoin, and what my hopes are for the future… so I guess we will start at hello;

My name is Angelo Morgan-Somers, and I’m like you, a bit weird, when I was 12 years old I was competing in a few Parkour competitions around the UK, at one of these competitions I failed a jump to a bar of scaffolding, causing myself to work up a pretty severe injury in the spleen. This close call with my own mortality caused me to have a sort of mid-life crisis at the age of 12, so I quit school under the impression I was going to educate my self entirely from the internet and books… and I did. When I was 13 I began learning about money, business, the world and how it all works, it was around this time that my dad mentioned a project he would like me and my brother to look into, Ethereum.

…and so it began.

After diving deep into Bitcoin and trying to answer the question ‘What is money?’ I realised that everything I learned about Bitcoin, I assumed was true about government issued money (FIAT)… boy was I wrong.

Oh and the lingo… the lingo…

Decentralised? Permissionless? Open-source? Pseudonymous? I had no fucking idea what I was reading, but I liked it. After fighting for a year or two with various ‘Bitcoin explained’ books, videos, articles, and their fancy sounding lingo, I broke past the language barrier and started to get excited, very excited, the type of excited I imagine treasure-hunters feel, when they realise they’re standing right above a huge X marked spot. I was excited because I was finally beginning to understand the truly massive implications of the Bitcoin blockchain, and what I once viewed as “magic internet money” slowly became potentially the largest technological innovation I will ever be alive to experience. Why? Because satoshi already thought of everything.

I wont go on about why think so highly of Bitcoin, that’s something that explains itself once you start to understand its inner workings, and something I’ll be continuously writing about from here on out.

So where did this lead me?

Well, I invested everything I had, considering I was only 13, that entirely consisted of birthday and Christmas money which I had saved up over the previous few years, so it wasn’t much, but it was 2016, bitcoin sat at $400 and Ethereum at $7, so you do the math. Ever since then I have been through the highs and the lows, trying to find my place in the ever growing “Crypto space”, and after 5 years, I realised that there is not a single company dedicated to explaining Bitcoin in a human way so that 13 year olds and 60 year olds alike, could understand it. I’ll put it in writing, I believe bitcoin could be the saviour of the human race (more or less…), so I’m sorry, but using ‘insider speak’ and making Bitcoin seem like something too complicated for the average person, and stopping an entire generation from ever truly understanding it, would be a tremendous tragedy.

I was lucky enough to have pushed through that first year of being confused with fancy financial and technical terminology, but most people don’t want to do that, the Bitcoin community can do better.

This is why I’m no longer looking to be employed in the crypto space, and at the ripe old age of 19, I am starting my own company; Permissionless Ltd.

My goal with Permissionless Ltd is to get new and confused people involved in cryptocurrency, help them gain control over their own future, and stop Bitcoins reputation of being complicated and confusing.

There are no complicated ideas, some are just harder to explain than others. Unless we make it our mission to explain Bitcoin in better ways, it may never reach its full potential as true equality and democracy embodied in tech form, and if you are young, and you’ve never learned a thing about Bitcoin, or what money even is, start here, because although you may not know it yet, the suits are fucking you.

You are not free until your money is your own. It’s time to turn the tide.

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